Node.js inspector

Node Inspector is an open-source debugging tool that allows you to debug Node.js applications using the Chrome DevTools interface. It is a popular and powerful tool for debugging Node.js applications.

To use Node Inspector, you need to first install it globally using npm:

npm install -g node-inspector

Once Node Inspector is installed, you can start it by running the following command:


This command will start the Node Inspector server and print a URL to the console. You can then open the URL in the Chrome browser to access the Node Inspector interface.

To debug a Node.js application using Node Inspector, you need to start the application with the --inspect flag:

node --inspect app.js

This will start your application in debug mode and attach it to the Node Inspector server.

In the Node Inspector interface, you can set breakpoints, inspect variables, step through code, and more. The interface is similar to the Chrome DevTools interface, so if you're familiar with Chrome DevTools, you should have no trouble using Node Inspector.